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  • 4 Key data viz components to get right

    What are the key components for good data visualisations? There are many ways to visualise data, and the best approach depends on the data itself and the story you want to tell. However, there are some common principles that can help you create effective visualisations. By following these principles, you can create visualisations that are […]

  • 5 benefits of blockchain technology for advertisers.

    As advertisers, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach our target audience. With the rapid development of blockchain technology, we can now add blockchain to that list. Here are five benefits of using blockchain technology for advertising: 1. Increased transparency and trust. One of the key benefits of blockchain technology is its […]

  • 12 Big Predictions For The Future Of Marketing Automation

    12 Big Predictions For The Future Of Marketing Automation

    This is how Marketing Automation will be used in future Disclaimer: These are the new things I would personally like to see, and things I think we will see more often in the future. Note: Yes, I want machine learning and AI to do the bulk of the work. Machines can learn, optimize, and implement marketing-related […]

  • How Data Plays A Role In Marketing Automation

    How Data Plays A Role In Marketing Automation

    Data is an essential element in a successful Marketing Automation strategy. As the adage goes, “good input means good output”. Which translates to “better data quality equals better quality results”. Think of data as the heart of your Marketing Automation implementation. The heart does not function well when it is weak. Data not only needs to […]

  • 1 Simple Marketing Automation Example

    1 Simple Marketing Automation Example

    What does a simple Marketing Automation implementation look like? Say we have three users visiting the eCommerce platform. USER A, USER B, and USER C. The journey begins as soon as USER A, USER B, and USER C visit the eCommerce platform. USER A is browsing without any purchase intent (Browse 4 Product pages). USER B […]

  • This is about marketing automation.

    This is about marketing automation.

    Introduction to Marketing Automation Marketing Automation tools are not a replacement for your marketing team. Chances are, if you have attended a virtual conference or sat in any virtual boardroom lately, you would have heard the phrase “Marketing Automation”. Here is the basic outline, in case you haven’t. More often than not you’ll encounter an […]

  • Want to know more about the power of marketing automation?

    Navigate this post about Marketing Automation Introduction to Marketing Automation Who is Marketing Automation for? How does data play a role in Marketing Automation? How does Marketing Automation work for businesses? How will Marketing Automation be used in future? What to expect from Marketing Automation Final word on Marketing Automation This is an Introduction to […]