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  • The Spatial Web

    In the early days of the World Wide Web, most websites were focused on providing information about a specific topic, product, or service. But as the web has evolved, so has the way we use it. These days, the web is more about connecting people and information than it is about providing information itself. This […]

  • 4 Key data viz components to get right

    What are the key components for good data visualisations? There are many ways to visualise data, and the best approach depends on the data itself and the story you want to tell. However, there are some common principles that can help you create effective visualisations. By following these principles, you can create visualisations that are […]

  • Want to know more about the power of marketing automation?

    Navigate this post about Marketing Automation Introduction to Marketing Automation Who is Marketing Automation for? How does data play a role in Marketing Automation? How does Marketing Automation work for businesses? How will Marketing Automation be used in future? What to expect from Marketing Automation Final word on Marketing Automation This is an Introduction to […]

  • This is about ownership and communication.

    This is about ownership and communication. An introduction. One of my peers posed a thought-provoking question to their team at work today. It was a simple question brought up after a member of their team hadn’t turned in a clients report. When they were queried as to why the report wasn’t submitted, they replied with […]